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Acchan climax 2gether 1992.

more gifs to us :3 

“—Reita: “I usually will take off my coat when I arrive at his home and he will take care of it for me. He will even hang it up with a hanger. May be he just want to make his house dirty? But I’d like to marry Ruki if he kept on doing all those tiny kind things. (laugh)”

—Ruki: “For me, the decisive factor that makes me like bands is the Bass. So, when Reita comes up with a wonderful sounding riff, I honestly become his fan. (laughs)”

Different Interviews of both - funny, ne? *g* (via playboyreita)


The Butterfly Trio ala End Card mode (1) & the original Hi-Res art (2). I think they’ll hit it well together, these three— being theory maniacs and all. LoL

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ridin’ his Suzuki


ridin’ his Suzuki

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• I'm with the skater boy, I said "See ya later boy" 
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I'm back!Reituki Edits » 3/?
I'm back!
Reituki Edits » 3/?
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