? summary of male anime friendships
naruto and sasuke::i hate you so much i hope you die but let me spend the entire series running after you
luffy and zoro::more loyal to each other than your dog is to you
nastu and gray::why are we friends again
killua and gon::don't fucking die or ill beat your ass
kuroko and kagami::partners for life bruh
gareki and nai::i don't like people but you're an exception
suzaku and lelouch::emotional roller coaster
ciel and sebastion::you're fucking annoying but i love you even though i won't admit it
haru and rin::ok im going to kick your ass if you don't swim with/for me
eren and armin::i love you so much please don't die
soul and black star::bro were awesome bro
yoshino and mahiro::everyone makes me angry except you
rin and yukio::were brothers that can't agree for shit
hinata and kageyama::i don't like you but i need you
nine and twelve::fucking boss ass terrorism partners
nezumi and shion::we're dating
yata and fushimi::wtf happened dude
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HaruMako (NSFW)
4,576 再生




HaruMako Audio I guess

This is the best and the Japanese completely fits wow just wow 

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Rooms in the castle

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Dean’s beauty appreciation post

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me::reads fanfic.
otp::"i love you."
me::mutant noise
me::strokes screen
me::drops laptop
me::rolls off of bed
me::rolls into space
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— the infamous words that break your heart no matter what sports manga is involved (insp

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An art installation entitled ‘spectra’ by Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda lights up the night sky as part of ‘Lights Out’, to commemorate the centenary of Britain’s involvement in the First World War, on August 4, 2014 in London, England.

© WPA Pool/Getty Images

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