Shonen Jump: No chapters today


For several years, WSJ chapters came out on Wednesday i.e five days before the official release (which is Monday) but deliverymen decided to slow things up a bit.
This has already happened last week to Shonen Magazine (Fairy Tail) and it's now Shonen Jump's turn. So yes, we will have a chapter this week but we will have to be patient.
It will be like the time when chapters came out on Friday. We will still have the chapter 3 days before the official release. The other question is whether this is only for this week or not.
So don't look for the chapter because you will not find it. If there's no Shonen Jump to buy, there is no raw.
So there will be no Naruto, One piece or Bleach chapters today...
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“Sajou no Uta” at the Nippon Budokan on March 9, 2014 (Dum Spiro Spero Day 2) [Kyo]

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Bye, Rukia.

Thank you.

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yeah but his face tho

is so important

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♔ My edits and ichiruki random pics ♕
 My edits and ichiruki random pics 
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